EZa-N1, the controller for the remote shooting

Have you ever think about shooting a time lapse or a photograph with over 30 seconds exposure? If yes, I suggest you a very cheap and high quality solution: the EZa-N1 model made by Godox, a remote controller with a timer. 

For specific shootings it is necessary to have a remote controller and it is possible to find so many of them, but almost all are expensive. The EZa-N1 has a very convenient price (circa €15,00-€20,00) and, thanks to a saving energy technology, it can be left active for days without the fear of unloading the batteries. 

The EZa-N1 has got a cable of circa 1 meter. It is possible to set the timer, the time range between a shoot and the other and the exposure time. In adding, it is possible to set the time delay from 0 to 100 hours; the exposure time of every shoot from 0 to 100 hours; the time between a shutter and the other from 1 second to 100 hours and continous shoots from 1 to 399 shutters. Every setting is easily changeable through a little LCD display that can be activated only during data input so it can’t be forgotten on! It works with two AAA batteries and it is compatible with the most part of Nikon and Canon models.

Do you already know it? Have you got other controllers? How do you deal with them?

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