Holidays: if you don’t take a picture it never happened. The panoramic photograph(part III)

The third useful topic I chose for holidays is the panoramic photograph, that is the union of many shoots in order to have images with elongated fields of view.

The panoramic photography considers two moments: the first is the shooting, topic of this article, and the second is the assembling of the photographs, about which I will talk in a future specific post.

First of all, to create a good panoramic photography it takes to locate oneself in a raised place. Depending on manual skill, it is possible to shoot free hand, but the use of a tripod guarantees the rotation of the photographic camera keeping the horizon line at the same level.

Generally a panoramic photography is composed by 2 or 7-8 shoots, each of them includes at least 1/3 of the previous shoot, that is the edge that is needed to join the photographs in the next moment of assembling.

scattare una panoramica panoramic

For what concerns the exposure of a panoramic photography, there could be big differences between dark and bright zones, so take the exposure in the middle of the composition or in a more balanced zone. When the exposure is taken, for the shooting I suggest you to use a closed diaphragm (circa 11-16) in order to have a wide depth of field and avoid diffraction problems.

As last advice, before starting to shoot, rotate the photographic camera to analyze the composition and to make sure that any relevant element is cut. And don’t forget the rule of thirds!

Do your panoramic experiments and, if you wish, link your panoramic photographs down here below so we can analyze them together!

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