Moon shooting | Holidays: if you don’t take a picture it never happened (part II)

One of the summer photographic attempts is surely the moon shooting, both you are in city, at the sea or at the mountains. Needless to say in summer it is easier to have a clear sky without clouds and the moon is brighter. Trying to take a picture of it is a must!

The advices for a good photograph of the moon are few and simple:

  • To use a tripod
  • To use the automatic or remote shutter release to avoid motion blur: to shoot in liveview mode would be better so the mirror remains up, reducing possible vibrations of the camera
  • To keep low exposure times (1/125 seconds or more): on the contrary, with longer times, the result can be out of focus because of the continuous movement of the moon
  • To shoot with a medium-closed diaphragm (between f9-f11): in almost all the lens, keeping the diaphragm completely closed creates clearness problems
  • Not to increase ISO so much to balance out the short times and the closed diaphragm: according to the photographic camera, I suggest not to increase ever the sensibility over 400 ISO to avoid the disturb in the background
  • To shoot in RAW (took for granted for who has got a reflex) to recover details in the development and post production phase
    An awesome full moon photograph

As usual, if you want to, post down here below your moon shooting experiments and we analyze them together!

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