Photo booth comes back at events (weddings included)

So, yes. The photo booth has become a trend again, especially at events and ceremonies. Surely you’ve already tested it, but there is much more you don’t know about it.
First of all, we talk about a “return”. The out-and-out trend (obsessive for someone) of the photo booth has far-off origins and, as a fact, has always accompanied us. But what is photo booth and how did come up? Photo booth
Photo booth is the famous automatic booth for passport photos. In spite of many tests and prototypes, history recognizes the invention of the first modern photo booth, including the stool and the little curtain, to Anatol Josephewitz, a Russian ex jewelry settled in the USA with a huge passion for photography. Josepho, after many travels and tests, built in 1925 the first photo booth that assures the instant photographic print without negatives and it was located in Broadway (New York). With 25 cents one can get 8 small black and white photographs in 10 minutes. The photo booth is a big success and soon many other booths will be located in the whole nation by Photomaton Company. In Italy it arrives only in 1962.
During the ‘90s of the last century, the first photo booth in colour arrives, but everybody still prefers the black and white old ones.
Since 2008 “photo booth rental” is registered as a trend by Google. Oh yes, you have well understood. In America, for quite some time, it is possible to rent photo booths for events and ceremonies. As this trend grew up, the definition of photo booth expanded itself more and more, as it also includes the small corners, set up with coherence, in which guests can be portrayed.
So the photo booth for events is an out-and-out photographic set in which you can find theme frames, masks, backdrops or objects with which one can interact and have fun in front of the photographer.Friends photo boothPhoto booth wedding
Why does everyone like photo booth so much? First of all, the photo booth at events is a great way to involve your guests (even the shyest ones) in an informal and relaxed moment, with an elegant and curated result. Furthermore, for organizers the photo booth is easy to set up and to customize; for guests it is a guarantee of fun, entertainment and engagement. So if you want to avoid that your guests remain freeze in their own belonging groups, the photo booth is a great idea to blend them together juicing up the party!Photo booth at wedding
Nowadays it is possible to add also an instant print of the shoots through portable printers. The most demanding part of the photo booth is knowing how to communicate it to the guests. At the beginning it’s normal that they will feel (unfairly) scared, but apparently nobody can resist to sticks with mustaches, lips, pipe or glasses on them!
And you, have you already organized or taken part in a photo booth? Tell me!

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